ZSH Studio is providing solution providing Apps to the market. Its founded in 2016. Its main aim is to provide services to the manufacturers and publish apps which can make a difference. It has been founded by 3 brothers and hence the name of the company is based on their initials.


GIFS is a game publishing company founded in 2017. GIF Studio in collaboration with Tixelx has done some awesome work. They have published games in both Android and IOS platforms
Their best games are Dunkhit shoot basketball and Extreme Road Cross. We love to work with this company.


Geometry Soft is a Smart game publishing company located in Morrocco. It was founded in 2018. We have provided them our services in developing Dancing Cube : Musical world. This game has over 50 thousand downloads and we still are making it better with Geometry soft.
Geometry soft new games are also coming soon and without any doubt they will be more challenging and innovative than before. Its great to work with an international company on daily basis.


Game Is On is an upcoming company. Its main objective is to provide gamers all around the world with tutorials and walkthroughs of games. We have provided GIO the graphics support for now and later we plan to work together and achieve something great together